16 global artists set to break though in 2019

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16 global artists set to break though in 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: technology is reshaping the musical landscape in more and more interesting ways every year. Fresh new sounds are emerging on a weekly basis, fuelled by the internet’s facilitation of international scenes and collaborations between global artists.

From Mascarene soca to South African gqom, Record-Play’s MusicMap.Global site explores the many shapes that melody and rhythm can take across the world. Today we present a MusicMap selection of 16 genre pioneers who will help define music production trends in 2019 and beyond. Whether it’s a modern interpretation of traditional music or a mixture of global styles, these 16 tracks showcase global artists from Ecuador, Portugal, India, Angola, the Indian Ocean and beyond…

  1. Mala Fama – This artist’s experimental productions translate the specificity of geographies and communities within Ecuador, while also celebrating his self-directed intersections with experimental electronic futurism.


  1. Branko – One of Portugal’s most groundbreaking dance music producers. His music is inspired by his travels around Cape Town, New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo.

  1. Wiwek – Dutch DJ and producer creating his own hybrid style of dance music characterised by offbeat kick drums, dissonant lead synths and tribal drums.


  1. Guzz – This Chinese creator takes us on an aural trip into the wild of Southeast Asia, mixing traditional Asian sounds and instrumentation with electronic beats.


  1. Sho Madjozi – South African rapper/poet pays homage to her roots, rapping in her native Tsonga tongue over gqom productions.

Bamba Pana – An artist utilising the acoustic and instrumental Singeli styles of East Africa

  1. Loya – A native from La Réunion, Loya has extensively researched the sounds of the Indian Ocean and its islands, collaborating with artists and using traditional instruments.

  1. TrapFunk & Alivio – Their sounds are funk carioca from Rio de Janeiro, afrobeat, and regional music from Salvador, Bahia (Brazil).

  1. Baq – Sound student who researched Mongolian throat-singing and produced an EP inspired by related styles.

  1.  similarobjects – An artist from the Philippines currently studying at the Red Bull Music Academy, his music features traditional Filipino instruments and chants sung by tribal poets.

  1. Prabh Deep – Politically conscious rapper who has become one of those most distinctive voices in Indian underground hip-hop, drawing on everything from Punjabi folk to Kendrick Lamar.

  1. Mitú – Duo whose ‘techno from the jungle’ sound absorbs palenque, cumbia and tropical bass, and has seen them crowned as Colombia’s Best Electronic Act.

  1. Meuko! Meuko! – Experimental artist whose dense, constantly shifting sound is inspired by the bustling, cacophonous streets of her home city of Taipei.

  1. Sadat – One of the originators of mahraganat, a heavy electronic update of traditional chaabi wedding music, Sadat continues to develop his sound, recently collaborating with legendary Chicago footwork crew Teklife.


  1. Clap! Clap! – Alongside the likes of DJ Khalab and Gqom Oh! label boss Nan Kolé, this highly skilled operator is one of a wave of Italian producers who thrive on exotic samples and intercontinental collaborations.

16. Lua Preta – Angolan-Polish duo whose dancefloor bangers span kuduro, gqom and afro-house. They have also recently worked with Lesotho shepherd-turned-rapper Morena Leraba.

Need to find cutting edge music from a specific territory for a project or campaign? Get in touch here, and visit MusicMap.Global to keep track of emerging global artists from around the world.