How AI is shaping the future of the music industry

ai shaping future music industry

How AI is shaping the future of the music industry

Artificial Intelligence is a subject that sparks the imagination – and splits opinion. Proponents point to the problem-solving potential of machine learning, and AI’s ability to make many laborious and time-consuming tasks a thing of the past. Others worry about the effect it may have on everything from the labour market to the existential survival of the human race. One thing everyone can agree on is that whether good or bad, the effects of AI will be wide, deep and probably irreversible.

In this report we have looked at where that change is likely to manifest (or is already having an impact), in order to try and plot a pathway through territory that remains largely uncharted. In doing so we will bear in mind what Drew Silverstein, CEO of Amper Music, told Music Ally last year, “If I were a larger business focused on content creation – musical or non-musical – I would have at the top of my priority list ‘How do we engage with AI music?’ You can partner, build, buy or do nothing. But the worst thing you can do is to do nothing.”

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