LivingRoom London and Barcelona

LivingRoom London and Barcelona


Nestling amid the late night bars of Shoreditch, and in Barclona’s gritty and vibrant Raval lie Record-Play’s LivingRooms, private, exclusive spaces – much, perhaps, like your own living room, only without any pesky flatmates or family members fighting you for the remote control. Admittedly, that’s partly because we don’t have a television.

What we do have are two gorgeous rooms, decked out with bespoke furniture by Ryan Frank and other fancy fittings, and jam-packed with music-making equipment including guitars, decks, an electronic drum kit and a full working PA. They are also chock-full of trainers and other stylish products that we’ll be giving away to musicians and artists. Additionally, they are fully equipped with spotlights, photographic studio paper and a stand for shoots, which is why they are also offered to magazines and publishers as a venue for interviews and photo-shoots.

Thus our LivingRoom’s provide the perfect opportunity to put your products in the hands of current and future stars, and have them sporting their spoils while in front of the media. Best of all, just to keep everything relaxed, there’s a fridge stacked full of beer in the corner. The only problem is, like all living rooms, it can be hard to drag yourself out of it once you’re in…

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