Playlist for John

Playlist for John

Dear John, I hope this postcard finds you well. My name is Anna, I work at Record-Play, which is a music consultancy agency based in Barcelona and London.

I’ve chosen this picture of David Byrne (in a seemingly plant-based outfit) because he’s reinvented himself within the years, driven by his passion for music. Whether it’s been by writing books, collaborating with a wide range of artists or creating a show with a moving orchestra, David Byrne has succeeded at keeping his life and his art interesting. At least to himself.

David Byrne Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

At Record-Play we believe in a better future thanks to companies such as Oatly. We wanted to share this playlist we’ve made for you, with an all plant-based cast of musicians, and this very short presentation about the work we do.

Needless to say that we’d be happy to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my phone number or email if you receive this. Hopefully, if the postal service is on time, it will make for a nice and humble Christmas gift.