Founded in 2003 by Daniel Cross, Record-Play is an independent music consultancy with a peerless track record when it comes to sourcing and licensing music for media productions. A flexible, fearlessly international operation that employs a diverse young team across offices in London, Barcelona and Amsterdam, Record-Play is perfectly placed to provide music to enhance visual content and boost the reputations of those who make it.

Record-Play’s mission is not just to find the best music for its clients, which include major names such as adidas, Google and Konami, but to offer them holistic music strategies that consider sonic branding at every touch point. As a team containing musicians, DJs, promoters and music journalists, we are also committed to making sure musicians are fairly compensated and respectfully treated. Using tools such as our in-depth guide Unblocking the Sync: A band’s guide to brands and a brand’s guide to bands, we endeavour to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between music makers and music users by focusing on education, ethics and efficiency.