Record-Play makes sure you sound as good as you look…

As one of Europe’s biggest independent music consultancies, we help clients get creative with music in a way that’s ethical, effective and affordable. Whatever your project, wherever you are in the world, we can source and license music that will harmonise with your message. Find out how.

A Global Agency

Flexible, independent and with a fearlessly international outlook, we have offices in London and Barcelona, and agents in Berlin, Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and New York.  On a relentless quest to unearth new music from every territory, our team includes musicians, DJs, bloggers, promoters and business professionals. This means we’re uniquely positioned to match the needs of brands and musicians wherever they are in the world.

Music Supervision for Commercials and Films

Our music supervision service provides creative input and guidance on soundtracks for advertising, film, TV and games at all levels.
From sourcing the perfect track for your global ATL brand campaign to soundtracking a short film by new directors, we always ensure that the tracks used in your production are within budget, licensed properly and credited correctly. Oh, and we make sure they sound great too.

Music Consultancy For Brands

Record-play has been providing music consultancy services since 2003. We help major global brands assess how to best integrate music into their marketing, and support them in developing a strategy that utlisises the most effective demographic-targeting tool available: good music.
Check out some of the recent work  we’ve completed for clients such as Reebok Classics, Boohoo, Conductr and TOMS.

Our Products

Sketchy about sync? Baffled by branding? ‘Unblocking The Sync’ is here to help. Whether you’re a brand manager or a budding musician, our clear and engaging e-guide will help you successfully navigate the world of music licensing and brand/artist relationships.

MusicMap is where we write about cutting-edge sounds from all over the world. Utilising our international network of music scouts, MusicMap highlights underground tracks from every continent, alongside insightful interviews, exclusive mixes and live showcases.

Music Hub is a one-stop shop for music users, hosting pre-cleared music for any production. We’ve collated 7000+ commercially released tracks from some of the world’s most respected independent labels and artists, on a very reasonable rate card. For more info, contact us here.


Our Clients

Over the last 15 years we have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, agencies and production companies, earning a reputation for finding the right songs at the right fees. Past and current clients include: