Our Services

As an award-winning music consultancy that has worked with some of the world’s major brands and entertainment companies, Record-Play has spent over fifteen years sourcing, licensing and clearing music for every type of brand environment. In fact, we literally wrote the book on sync.


Here are some ways we can utilise the power of music to enhance your product or project:

CURATION – From branded playlists to computer game soundtracks, we’re the masters of creating a cohesive and ear-catching music mix.



MUSIC SOURCING – Whatever the theme of your production, we can find credible music that will help bring it to life.


MUSIC CLEARANCE – Don’t sweat the legal side of sync; we’ll make sure everything is licensed properly and credited correctly.


INFLUENCER MARKETING – We can help put your products in the hands of inspiring and influential artists with genuine credibility.


SONIC BRANDING – Make sure your brand sounds right at every conceivable touch-point with our 360° strategic approach.


EVENT MANAGEMENT – From in-store appearances to corporate gigs, we can plan and produce live music performances to suit every need.


LOCALISATION – Using our MusicMap scouts and global expertise, we can tailor your musical approach so it’s relevant to specific territories.



INSTANT LICENSING – Our Music Hub library offers over 7000 commercially released tracks that are pre-cleared for you to use at affordable rates.


BRANDED ENVIRONMENTS – From retail spaces to long-haul flights, we complement your customer experience with appropriate musical accompaniment.


CONTENT CREATION – It’s not just about what you hear; our copy-writing team can help create quality music-related content too.

— Can’t find what you want? We can help you commission top commercial artists and producers to create bespoke soundtracks.


INSTORE SOLUTIONS – We can advise on building an audio infrastructure so you can broadcast tailored, high-fidelity soundtracks throughout your retail portfolio.

We don’t stop there either. As an agile, flexible company with one eye always focused on the future,

we’re keen to explore new areas of music-related marketing whenever and wherever they emerge.

Just reach out and let’s see what we can do together.


New models in music management for moving image from Ciclope Festival on Vimeo.