Introducing: Radar Music Videos

Introducing: Radar Music Videos

We have a special feature for you this mailk out: let us introduce you to Radar Music Videos, one of the most useful resources for new musicians and aspiring film makers in the UK.

In a world where YouTube is regularly said to be one of the best new music resources on the web, having a gripping video is paramount to grabbing attention, and Radar’s aim is to make this as easy as possibly. For budgets as low as £500 and up to £5,000 you can send out your track on their site and recieve pitches from new directoral talent world wide. Not only that, but videos produced via the service will then get sent out to some of the top music industry indiviuals and 14,000 other subscribers. So far their projects combined have hit 16 million views, with bands ranging from The Holloways to Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Make a FREE ACCOUNT now, and later join up as an ARIST/LABEL subscriber to advertise your briefs. Check out the full selection of videos here on YouTube.

The first 3 artists or labels to email win a free advert worth £50. The advert displays across the Radar website for one week, the weekly newsletter (distribution 14k) and the Tipsheet, which goes to these influential reviewers.

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