Google Photos #EasyThrowback

Google Photos #EasyThrowback

We at Record-Play were delighted to be brought on board as the music consultants for Google’s recent social media marketing campaign in support of their Google Photos app.

The app has a powerful search functionality, and allows users to search for what the photo features, not just time and date. To demonstrate this we asked a range of artists to try the app and post #TBT’s and in situ posts of their experiences on their Twitter and Instagram channels, including the #EasyThrowback tag in each post (track the # on Insta and Twitter).

This was a great way for us and Google to demonstrate the universal usability and appeal of an app designed to make digital photos easier to browse

Our role in the process was to advise on artists from a range of genres and stages in their career, negotiate fees and terms, manage the relationships during the campaign and regularly report feedback and data to the client.

One artist who demonstrated his love of photography with Google Photos in a really creative way was Australian beat maker Ta Ku, who presented a series of three photos (1, 2, 3) which demonstrated his recent progression in one of his favourite pastimes. Other artists who came on board for the month long campaign included Dawn Richard, Crystal Fighters, Big Boi, Warpaint, Rudimental and Le1f.