Curating the sound of Madrid’s Hotel Puerta América

music curation hotel puerta américa

Curating the sound of Madrid’s Hotel Puerta América

A stimulating experience for the senses, Madrid’s Hotel Puerta América creates a space that invites guests to dream. Bringing together nineteen of the best designers and architecture studios in the world from thirteen different countries, each floor of the hotel proposes a unique concept. Different materials, colours and shapes are used to create spaces that bring together the best of design and avant-garde architecture.

In order to help enhance the Hotel Puerta America experience, Record-Play has created distinct musical personalities for both their new pool space, Liquid 41, and the beautiful Lobby & Bistro. The playlists we’ve prepared for these two areas, both of which evolve as morning turns into evening, showcase a selection of lovingly curated sounds from both emerging and internationally recognised artists.

The Lobby & Bistró offers a bright, positive and inspiring soundscape which merges beautiful and evocative music styles suited to a luxury, design-led lobby environment. Largely contemporary in style, the sound consists of uplifting neo-classical music with engaging ambient pieces, nu-jazz and subtle electronica. Listen to a sample here:

Liquid 41 boasts a cool, chic poolside selection which is consistently eclectic in style, steering away from the traditional poolside soundtrack. Engaging electronic productions sit next to summery R&B, Balearic and Latin beats alongside high quality leftfield pop and hip-hop, to create a truly dynamic pool terrace vibe. Sample the playlist below:

We also took inspiration from Ocean of Sound author David Toop, who says that “music, if peripheral, has the key to unlock new visions in the same way that a dream which eludes us when we try to remember its details may be retriggered unexpectedly in an unfocused moment.”

Ranging from a quieter, more classical mood in the morning to a cooler soundscape in the evening, the music will always be closely attuned to the time of day.

Learning how to engage an audience and expand from familiar themes into flights of imagination, the background music for Hotel Puerta América is able to accommodate many gradients of listening attention without enforcing one in particular: it is as subtle as it is interesting. To find out more about the hotel and book a room to experience it for yourself, visit their website