Atomic Ski 2015

Atomic Ski 2015

Record-Play are ecstatic to announce we are working as the music agency for Atomic Ski.

After a couple of years assisting on individual projects, we have struck up an original partnership with the Austrian Ski brand which sees us help them administrate their finance and budgeting for music use.

Instead of a case by case basis, we have now tee’d up the music budget ahead of schedule, meaning that tracks can be found and cleared along with their mammoth video production schedule – by the end of the project we’ll have licensed over fifty tracks for over ninety videos. It also means, where necessary, clips can be more easily moulded to the tunes provided.

Along with delivering music to brief, we’ll be helping Atomic increase their music licensing efficiencies.

For information on how we could help you with your music licensing process, please get in touch with nicholas [at] record-play [dot] net.

Here’s the brand video for 2015, which features Kubed’s ‘Black Fire’.