Powerade – There’s Power In Every Game

Powerade – There’s Power In Every Game

This year Powerade will continue to be the Official Sports Drink of the Fifa World Cup – and to tie in with this prestigious position they have produced a series of ‘There’s Power In Every Game’ shorts, under the mini-series title of ‘Powering Through’.

Based around individuals overcoming difficulties using the power of sport, Record-Play’s role as Wieden+Kennedy‘s music supervision agency for the project was to make sure that the music was uplifting, heartbreaking or even energising, as the individual characters tell their stories.

Watch a selection of the clips below, and see the whole series over at Powerade’s YouTube channel.

Tracks used: ‘Cheerio’ by The Last Skeptik & ‘Up From The South’ by The Budos Band

Track used: Matthew Evans – Endings

Track used: Dan Palmer – Next Year (Discoverment)

Track used:┬áBranches – Jeroboam (Instrumental)