Our Music Supervision resource MusicMap is GO!

Our Music Supervision resource MusicMap is GO!

Visit the site and listen to regional sample playlists here: musicmap.record-play.net

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our global A&R network: the MusicMap, providing insight into new music trends, genres and emerging talent from multiple international territories.

Ever wished you could tap into the latest sounds from Seoul with just once click? Or plug your headphones in and immediately hear what’s making waves in Moscow? So did we, which is why we created MusicMap: a worldwide A&R resource for new, emerging and independent talent, tagged by their geographical location.

We employ a team of scouts, including DJs, bloggers and local tastemakers, to give us the lowdown on what people are listening to in each location. The best tracks are then selected and uploaded onto a content management system that allows the user to localize, license (on a per case basis) and download tracks and their associated metadata.

Finding relevant cool music from foreign locations can be difficult without a local guide to navigate language barriers and local cultural idioms, but MusicMap feeds that insider knowledge directly into your ears and supports in the administration for the music’s commercial use.

Global Playlist

For example, our scouts in Barcelona are digging up everything from the lush beats of Mario Nieto to the Mad Decent-endorsed party sounds of ALIZZZ, while in Brazil we’re recommending Karol Conka’s righteous hip-hop and Viní’s furious favela trap.

Applications for the resource are endless. adidas are using it to create localised playlists in their global Originals flagship stores (supplying localised music since June for Berlin, Shanghai, Seoul and London throughout the summer), while British Airways have also commissioned our scouts to create foreign-language music shows to play during long-haul flights.

With current locations including Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, and Sao Paulo (with many more coming soon), there’s no better territorial music insight tool for global brands.

Brazil Playlist

It’s also a fantastic way for independent musicians to expose their music in otherwise difficult to crack foreign territories, while the fact it is 100% non-exclusive makes it extremely artist-friendly.

MusicMap is the latest tool from Record-Play, an international music consultancy with offices in London, Barcelona and Berlin. It continues our commitment to intelligent music supervision, making client projects tie in with wider marketing campaigns and, most importantly, sound great.

Visit the site and listen to regional sample playlists here: musicmap.record-play.net

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