Presenting the ‘Home of Classics’ by adidas Originals

home of classics

Presenting the ‘Home of Classics’ by adidas Originals

Last month adidas Originals officially unwrapped their forthcoming collection, “Home of Classics”, featuring the most iconic silhouettes of the brand. Just like some classic sneakers never go out of fashion, Record-Play supervised another timeless hit to soundtrack the video: a cover of the once polemic “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” by Whistling Jack Smith.

For decades, white leather adidas sneakers have been adopted by creatives as blank canvases that accrue character with each new experience; and the Supercourt silhouette is set to continue this legacy with a new reissue of this classic shoe. Germany’s Minor Science remix of ‘Stairfoot Lane Bunker’ by Special Request, released on Houndstooth, was the perfect track to transmit the Supercourt ethos and movement on their second installment.

And for their third chapter, adidas follows a group of friends on holiday in Barcelona. We wanted a track that was nostalgic but also energy and grit to match our friends’ jam-packed holiday. ‘Dance – ESG’ was just perfect for this. It has pace and is effortlessly cool, something of a cult classic. If you ever want to impress anyone, put on some ESG!

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