Celebrating music’s Local Heroes with Volotea

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Celebrating music’s Local Heroes with Volotea

Just like music connects people across borders, Spanish airline Volotea brings people together by focusing on airports in small and medium sized European cities. This not only unites families and friends without unnecessary fuss or unwanted stopovers, but it also opens up affordable opportunities to explore new territories, while always providing the best customer service.

To make it even easier for passengers to engage in the musical culture of their destination, Record-Play has selected a musical Local Hero to act as a guide to each location. Last year they were Palermo’s emerging indie quartet I Giocattoli, Athens musician and IOTAPHI frontwoman Ilya Darlin, McEnroe’s cult singer Ricardo Lezón from Getxo (Bilbao), and legendary Marseille hip-hop artists Chinese Man.

All of them shared their city’s best kept secrets with Volotea customers, including favourite hang-out spots, key cultural highlights and essential local tips. No sponsored content nor tourist traps, just the genuine taste of a local musician in his or her hometown. So before you choose your next trip, go ahead and read their interviews – they’ll make your decision much easier!

This summer our Local Heroes are Elphomega from Malaga, Voyou from Nantes, Alfa from Genoa, Ale Acosta from Lanzarote and Maika Makovski from Mallorca. We reckon you’ll immediately want to jump on the next plane after reading their recommendations.

To add some extra excitement to the Volotea experience, Record-Play has also curated playlists featuring emerging and established acts from different regions served by the airline. These are sent to each person who has booked a flight to one of those destinations. It’s the latest project to make use of our global music discovery service MusicMap; you can check out the selections below…

Photo: Voyou