Bespoke Instore Playlisting

Bespoke Instore Playlisting

For many people, the only connection they have to your brand is through your retail environment, so setting the scene and maintaining the ambience is vital. We provide consultation on the deeper integration of music in retail, specialising in localisation, exclusivity and wider digital consumer-centric initiatives.

As part of Record-Play and adidas’ continued focus on finding and giving exposure to upcoming talent, we have devised localised playlists for the brand’s NBHD concept stores and their Stadium flagship store in New York.

We are creating bespoke playlists for thirteen stores worldwide, in cities such as Paris, Moscow, Mexico City and Barcelona, by A&Ring local, talented producers and clearing their tracks to be used on regularly updated instore playlist streams. This gives all the participating adidas stores a geomarketing edge, helping the brand create a vibrant, contemporary feel while also showcasing local talent cherry-picked for their originality and creativity.

You can read more about the Stadium concept at Business Insider, while you should also check out this BBC Capital article on the importance of instore playlisting (for which our CEO Daniel Cross was interviewed). And if you’re looking for precision-targeted, location-specific music supervision, get in touch to see how Record-Play and our MusicMap platform could help you.

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