Impossible is Nothing

impossible is nothing

Impossible is Nothing

adidas are launching their most ambitious content series to date, Impossible is Nothing, a way of seeing the world for what it can be, not as it is.

Told in the documentary style of home footage, the series provides a previously unseen side to some of the most documented individuals in the world, enabled via a powerful narrative delivered by friends or fellow athletes, and animated via resurfaced footage from the archives.

Featuring previously unseen intimate moments, it follows stories in sport and culture, showing how optimism and action has shaped their lives. Exploring the future they imagined for themselves and making it a reality, the series celebrates the trailblazers that have made history on a global stage. More importantly, it aims to inspire others, empowering them by this collection of very human stories as a powerful demonstration of what optimism can achieve.

Record-Play took care of all the music supervision and licensing, selecting relevant songs that would match both the energy and attitude of each individual and the campaign as a whole.

Some of the songs included were All Night by BeyoncĂ©, Sit Down by James, Mo Salah’s chant, Stay Up by Emily Wells, Geeta duniki by Ammar 808, Dame DOLLA’s Ricky Bobby, Ford rmx by OTR, MOVE by Kullah, The Great Vague by Tettix Hexer, The Last Day by Brokenstra, Oh My God by Sevdaliza, Apna Time Aayega by Ranveer Singh, Hide and Seek by JiKay, Last Liberation by Maestro Harrell, Nos Veremos by Y La Bamba, Dakiti by Bad Bunny and more. You can watch more Impossible is Nothing campaigns below.